Who teaches class?
I am the founder and instructor. I have my group fitness certification through AFAA, insured and current in adult/child/infant CPR and AED.

How long is class?
My classes range from 60-75 minutes in length, starting with warm-up and ending with a cool-down.

How much is your classes.
Classes vary depending on location and how many times a week you attend.  Please email me at akfitmommies@live.com for more details.

What do I need to bring to class?
Please bring LOTS of water (you really need to stay hydrated, especially in this cold weather and if you are nursing.) Your child(ren) in your stroller and a blanket or something for you to get on the ground for abs/stretching.  Also refer to the What to bring tab.

Do I have to have a running stroller?
No.  Any stroller will work.  If you are a runner, then I do recommend that you have a stroller that is designed for running.

Do I have to already be physically fit to attend class?
 No.  All cardio and strength exercises can be modified to fit your personal fitness level and as time goes, these levels may increase or decrease.  Please note that before you begin any fitness activities, it should be okay with your doctor.

When can I attend class?
You should be at least 6 weeks postpartum to attend class.  You can come for your trial classes anytime, just email to correspond with me a specific date.  Please arrive 10-15 min early to get kids settled and ready, as class will start on time.  If you are pregnant, you can absolutely attend class but you must have approval from your doctor/midwife.   

Does my child have to stay in the stroller?
Yes, I do require that your child remain in the stroller unless otherwise instructed.  This allows us to get in a great workout and ensures are children are safe. I try my best to keep us moving so the kids don't get fussy but we will also engage them with songs and try to incorporate them into the workouts.  There will be times that kids will be allowed out to play with each other, specifically at the end of class.

What is a typical class like?
We begin with a warm-up/stretching to get our bodies/muscles warmed up, heat rate elevated and prepare us for the body of the workout. Then we continue right into various cardio (power walking, jogging, stairs, jumping jacks, etc.) and strength toning exercises using resistance bands/tubing, our strollers and the environment, we also focus on core exercises and flexibility.  We will stop cardio at various times to focus on a specific muscle group to ensure we get a full body workout. We sing songs and engage with the kids throughout the class, like tickling those toes when we come up for sit ups.

Do I have to buy my own bands?
Yes, I do require you to purchase your own bands. However, a green (light resistance) and red (medium resistance) band is included in your one time registration fee.  I have found this to be the healthiest and best use and care of the bands.  I recommend that you visually inspect your bands often for any ware and tare that may occur and if you need to purchase a new one, I will have them available to you at $10 a band. 

Where are classes usually held?
A unique beauty of Alaska is our beautiful summers and long winters.  In the summer, classes will be held outdoors (my absolute favorite place to workout), location TBA. 

Can you really get a good workout without going to the gym?
When I first joined a stroller fitness group, this was my biggest question.  I can tell you from experience that I am in the best shape of my life and prefer to workout with my kids in the stroller and best of all, outdoors.  With mommies like me, I wasn't shy or embarrassed, like being in the gym and with my kids there watching, I put in so much more effort during my workout. You get out what you put in.