"There are so many things I like about this class!  First, it is at a great time for me.  I drop my older child off at preschool, have a little time to tie my shoes and fill my water bottle, then head to class.  When class is over, I have time to run an errand or two and then pick him up at preschool.  It makes finding time to exercise so easy.  Secondly, Brandy is a wonderful class leader.  She is very encouraging!  She can also suggest ways for you to improve and/or modify the exercises to best suit your needs.  Third, I love being able to take my youngest to class.  I don't have to worry about him being in a daycare situation- he is with me the whole time and can even play while I exercise.  Alaska Fit Mommies is a great workout!"                                                         ~Alyssia

"After having my son, I struggled to find time to workout and still take care of my son. After trying the class out, I immediately realized that this would be a perfect fit! I've also gained some great friendships with moms who have similar interests and so has my son! I've become do much stronger and toned in the last 6 months and I feel great!"                                 ~Meredith

"I have been in AFM for a month now and notice strength improvement. I have met new mommies with different fitness levels/goals. We get to work out WITH our children! I  recommend this class to all mommies that have fitness goals of any kind and it gets you out of the house 3 days a week :) I love class and Brayden gets time with other kids. I feel so good afterwards! So glad I joined."                                                                                                     ~Erin

"I don't have the discipline to make myself work out at home. So this class has helped me so much. Gets me and Bentley out of the house and socializing with other moms and kids :)"                                                                                                         ~Nichole

"I love the mom's fitness class and I love all the other mom's. I almost always look forward to going but even on days I don't feel up to it I go because I know Meredith or Heather will be there! I'm trying to train myself to push my limitations, to hold the plank for 30 more seconds or go lower with my push-ups. I think the class is helping me achieve a lot of my personal goals like running faster and further than I've ever run before and getting my body back in shape!"      ~Robin

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