Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benefits of Resistance & Wednesday workout

Resistance bands ~ an important item in class.  Personally, I have been using resistance bands for my strength training for 4 years now and am currently in my most fit years (after 2 kids).  I haven't been in a gym during this time, just working out with my kids beside me.  I am also a recreational runner at heart!

Resistance bands come in various strengths, during class the red band is equivalent to 10 lbs and the green band is 6 lbs, and depending on the exercise...those few pounds can make a huge difference.  They are effective, safe, versatile, used for all fitness levels, inexpensive, easy to travel with or put in the stroller, and absolutely perfect for what we are trying to accomplish during class.

These bands allow for functional strength training and as a fellow mom, I am all about toning and strengthening those specific areas that allow us to be functional with our kids.  We can accomplish a total body workout, staying with our kids and not stepping foot into a gym.  Targeting all the major muscle groups:  back, arms, legs, core, ~ and within those specific areas, we can do various band exercises. We can isolate certain muscles along with those full range of motion movements.

All working as a group, we have similar goals ~ lose some baby weight, improve our overall fitness, gain more energy, reduce/improve depression, meet and socialize with other amazing and similar goal oriented mommies - just to name a few!  This simple style of fitness is also reducing our risk for injury, and lowering our risk of chronic diseases.

Strength training is such a HUGE integrated part of losing weight and being fit.  It may seem or sound intimidating but it's not, and if you stay consistent, you will begin to see the results and it can be very empowering!  You WILL become stronger and more confident as a woman, wife and mother.

With that, here is the workout for tomorrow!
For your warm up try:
1 min walking in place
1 min jumping jacks
1 min high knees

Side step - stand on your band, abs engaged, elbows bent and wide step
Squat with shoulder press --stand on band, feet shoulder width apart, hands at shoulder height, when you come up out of the squat extend one arm all the way up and alternate sides
Jacks with band -- stand on band and cross in front and jack it out - remember abs engaged
Dips -- use a chair or step and remember to keep those elbows snug into your side
lat pull down -- check out this video http://www.ehow.com/video_2351903_back-exercises-resistance-band.html
 and I think you  got the rest!

Do this 1 or 3x through :)

Also, remember to drink that water..the entire 64oz.!

Hope you are having a great week.

One fit mom to another


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