Thursday, March 7, 2013


Are you familiar with DOMS~ delayed onset muscle soreness?  Or maybe you know it better by "Oh, I am so sore from class" or any workout for that matter.  The point is, that we have ALL experienced DOMS.  You will more commonly experience DOMS if you are new to exercising or haven't worked out in awhile, however; it still affects exercisers of all levels.  Another interesting fact is that it can take anywhere from 12-72 hours for you to fully experience the impact your workout has done to your muscles.

Is it normal?  Yes, in all actuality, it is a GOOD thing.  According to Jim White, RD, "DOMS stems from microscopic tears in the muscle fibers as a result of the exercise (not an accumulation of lactic acid, as you may have heard).  These tears are an imperative part of the muscle-building process, as your muscles will rebuild themselves stronger than they were before - and that is exactly the goal of most weight-training programs."

When you are experiencing DOMS it is important to limit any anti-inflammitories because it can slow down healing process.  Your muscle soreness should also not last much more than 72 hours and if it does, you may have overextended your workout and will want to wait until it subsides before you exercise that same muscle group again.

All mommies who attend class will have some experience with this and it could last for many classes as you keep increasing your resistance or begin working other muscle groups.  Don't let the soreness discourage you from continuing classes or any exercise; however, listen to your body (as you do know it best) and make adjustments if you need to.  I probably don't warn those new members enough about what to experience after class, but remember that it is normal and it is good!

If you currently attend my class, you may think that I am there to make you hurt.  That is not the case, while I do LOVE an intense and challenging workout, I don't intend to hurt you.   Our goal during class is to strengthen and tone those mommy muscles and regardless of what intensity you do, DOMS is all a part of the experience.  This also leads into another benefit of only working out 3x a week, we are getting that TOTAL BODY workout, allowing our bodies to recover on the off days.  It is also just as important to drink your water, eat your protein shortly after class, make healthy food choices and continue your physical activity!

- If you have any questions or want information on another subject, let me know!  Your question may also be the same of other mommies.  Just let me know!

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